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The #WEARELANE stands for unity, family, the gentlemen’s club and the power of a brand, an attitude, a movement. Contrary to current trends, we are one and stand alone in our way of living.

About LANE

LANE is a Canadian company founded by a young man with a passion for fashion, for streetwear and a vibe which stands out from other high-end products.

Inspired by ocean currents, the streets and active lifestyles, LANE is a brand specifically designed to provide swimwear to men who wish to stand out and wear quality products, perfect for all occasions. Whether for exploring the city, spending a day at sea, to grill or simply to soak in the sun’s rays, LANE swimwear provides comfort and class – no exceptions.

Our mission is simple: to bring out the seahorse in every man.

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Shop now - See all our products
Shop now - See all our products
Shop now - See all our products